Sisulizer Enterprise Edition 4.0 Crack Build 359 Download

Sisulizer Enterprise Edition 4.0 Crack Build 359 Download

Sisulizer Enterprise Edition 4.0 Crack Build 359 Download

Sisulizer 4.0 Enterprise Crack is a famous circles finished finished tool, can English software localization into Chinese, English software not only supports localization, software localization also supports other languages into Chinese interface.

This software is the first to establish a project, then one by one all the necessary import finished files, and then begin localization, directly modify the internal resources that can automatically rebuild the executable file, all the duplicate content can be automatically translated. If you do not use the finished dictionary, you need to manually finished first at the finished software.

Localization of software allows your design to enter the broader market of consumers, thereby increasing your revenues, the popularity of your software and the influx of new users. With this useful, easy and convenient program, you can do a quick translation of its software on a host of other languages, having spent a minimum of effort, time, and getting a good final result.

Sisulizer drawback is somewhat the same word in different places are different meanings, but the software will automatically translate into the same content, software localization generally have this common problem, you need to manually errata, in general is very good Sisulizer Speaking of tools.

Chief Features:

  1. Command line tool that helps to integrate Sisulizer into your build process.
  2. Localize web apps written in ASP, JSP, and PHP.
  3. Localize server databases
  4. Use server based translation memory
  5. Use machine translation engines
  6. Translate your help file in the same project. Sharing the same translation memory speeds up work, reduces communication with your translator, and saves more time and money.

How to Download?

First Download the software

Now install


Enjoy !



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